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General Election Bulletin No. 3


We all know Jeremy Corbyn has an exemplary record... but let's not forget just how bad Theresa May's is! She's backed pretty much all of the worst things to have happened since she was elected in 1997. It's like Blair and the ConDem coalition all rolled into one person.

Blair and the Lib Dems get a lot of deserved flack for the Iraq War and/or raising tuition fees, but Theresa was there as well - backing them to the hilt - check it out and let people know.


... was actually launched today - and it's fully costed, as promised! Whoever leaked it may have had the intention of embarrassing Labour, but instead exposed how popular Labour's policies are and just about tripled the air time it would have received.

Socialists have known how popular the policies are for a long time but past Labour regimes thought they knew best. Imagine If Labour had pledged a £10/hr wage and nationalisation of rail and energy in 2015 - rather than the "Ed Stone" and "controls on immigration" mugs?

The manifesto also had extremely good input from the trade unions with many union policies accepted in full - so if you're a union member whose union isn't affiliated to Labour yet, get them on board for the sake of the members.


Theresa May had another difficult interview - this time with ITV's Robert Peston - and it was streamed on Facebook Live. There were a lot of angry emojis.

Labour MPs loyal to Jeremy Corbyn have been performing very well, in particular Barry Gardiner who seems to relish putting the establishment on the back foot.

And Emily Thornberry skilfully rattled Tory Michael Fallon over his celebration of Assad's 99% election victory and told the public that Fallon was talking "B*****CKS". Politicians swearing on TV doesn't usually work... but this time it kind of did.


Theresa May struggled with the general public she's been hiding from this campaign. In Abingdon she was told in no uncertain terms that "the fat cats get the money and us lot get nothing" by a woman who declared she had disabilities and had faced benefit cuts.

Jeremy Corbyn has been enjoying getting out of stuffy Westminster and has drawn in huge crowds in every town and city he has visited.


If one woman in Abingdon can shake up the "strong and stable" Prime Minister, imagine what a strike in the NHS would do? Nurses organised in the Royal College of Nurses (RCN) had the results of an indicative ballot over pay announced at their conference: 4 out of 5 would strike and over 90% would take action short of strike action.

The RCN should now ballot its members and organise a campaign to build for action in every hospital - whilst reaching out to other NHS workers to take the same action by registering their own disputes over pay.

Health workers are the most trusted professions whilst politicians are the least. Action by healthworkers would be the quickest way to save the NHS and make June the end of May.
#voteNHS #VoteLabour

General Election Bulletin No. 2


Jeremy Corbyn officially launched Labour's General Election campaign today in Manchester and it was streamed across the Internet. It hit the nail on the head, taking on the rulers of the rigged economy we have to live under and made it clear that when Labour wins - all workers will win.

Corbyns fiery speech in is available in full here.

At a national level things are going well - but we need to ensure there is a local campaign to take the message out to country.

Whilst all Labour candidates will get readers' votes, we recognise some CLPs have been less dynamic than others and readers may be more inspired to campaign with Corbyn-supporting MPs with energetic campaigns, rather than with imposed MPs who can't help but attack Jeremy Corbyn whenever they can.

If that is the case then hook up with other groups and look at the candidates in your area that do inspire you to campaign as much as possible. Don't forget to recruit to the Labour Party those enthusiastic socialists you meet on the campaign!

Full list of candidates here.


Theresa May's media performances go from bad worse - mainly because Labour have started setting the agenda on key issues like the NHS, and there's no real answer to the "humanitarian crisis" the Tories have made of the service. No wonder she is afraid of a head-to-head debate with Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour's Manifesto is not out yet - but a strong of popular policies have come forward. As well as scrapping the public sector pay cap and bringing back bursaries for student health care professionals, Labour will scrap hospital car parking charges. Next Labour should announce the scrapping and terminating of PFI contracts - without compensation. The private sector has leeched enough from our service.

The organisers of the 250k strong Demonstration to Defend OUR NHS on 4th March have decided to organise an "NHS Roadshow" to inform the public about whats really happening with the NHS - the electorates no.1 priority. The roadshow starts on the 13th May. Look out for it - #voteNHS @NHS_RoadShow


The shire counties might not be Labour's strongest area, but interestingly UKIP fell apart and the Lib Dems stalled at recent local elections. Turnout was fairly low - and not all of Labour vote showed up on the day.

Why weren't they inspired? Would this have been the case if Labour councils actively fought the government's austerity agenda? Would it have been the case if the Labour Party was full square behind Corbyn rather than having a wing of big business backers trying harder to topple the democratically elected leader of our Party than the Tories?

The Grassroots will need to re-double our energy to get a Labour Party anti-austerity, socialist message out to the public, over the heads of the establishment of all stripes.

Full election results here.


In a month's time the GE will actually be upon us! How can we cut across the mainstream media and get our ideas out there, beyond the usual campaign techniques? If recent elections tell us anything, it's that we need to generate momentum and public rallies à la Bernie Sanders, Melanchon or even Corbyn's leadership contests show us a great way to do it.

Remember Liverpool last year? What happens if in every town and city, on the last Saturday before the vote (3rd June) at 6pm sharp, masses gather to hear speeches from socialists, Labour candidates, trade unionists and grassroots community campaigners - with a message of vote Corbyn's Labour to power on socialist policies and kick the Tories out?

You could even doorknock before and - who knows - it may be the best way of making the Sunday papers/politics shows? Won't all those who attend be inspired to have that chat with their workmates and neighbours to get the vote out at the crucial moment and overturn the polls yet again?

Don't wait for instructions - just organise it.


Andrew Marr bizarrely quizzed John McDonnell about Thinker of the Millennium, Karl Marx (Einstein was number 2 - and he was also a socialist!). Marx's masterpiece was his analysis of the system we live in - capitalism, and he wrote it down in a book of three volumes called Capital... maybe pick it up after the GE?

Having totally failed to see the biggest crash since the 1930's coming until it hit them in 2007-8, most economists worth their salt started reading Marx afterwards to try and work out what had happened - and not a few realised Marx was right, though they were a bit scared of the inevitable revolution!

Despite the genuine interest in Marx by academics, Tory strategy is to use "Marx" to try and scare people away from socialist ideas and the Labour Party, as if it were the Cold War all over again... but it just seems to fuel interest, particularly from young people.

If John McDonell thinks there's a lot to learn from Das Kapital then he is right - it's pretty heavy going, but if you really want to know why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer try Value, Price & Profit for starters.

Or if a 10-minute animated video sounds more your way of learning, be the 3 millionth person to watch David Harvey's RSAnimate "The Crisis of Capitalism".

So with Labour's policies, the mass rallies and a sound understanding of capitalism perhaps we will see the Bourgeois tremble as the workers realise they have nothing to loose but their chains and unite the world over!

General Election Bulletin No. 1


It's the establishment (of all stripes) versus the people. Watch Corbyn's flying start here.

Grassroots Momentum's newly elected Steering Committee had a timely first meeting at the weekend. Having discussed the new political situation, we came up with a plan to send out a weekly bulletin with political analysis and resources to our people.

If recent elections and referendums tell us anything, it's that the more boldly you put forward your programme - the better! Saving our Health & Education Services HAS to be a priority.

Jeremy Corbyn needs to be fighting on an unashamedly anti-austerity and socialist platform, with as many supportive PPC's as possible.

The NEC may have locked down candidate "appointment", but the manifesto is not yet 100% decided...


It takes 5 minutes - who knows if it will make the difference? Tuesday 2 May is the deadline - so fill it in here ASAP.


Labour's recent policy spree has proven VERY popular, but some are cynical about whether Labour can pay for it all. Eion Clarke has put together a handy guide - perhaps the Labour Party should issue it to all activists on the doorstep?


For a round up of recent and newly announced strike action across the country - see the bulletin from the National Shop Stewards Network. You will find details of picket lines to visit and petitions to sign including details of Workers Memorial day and May Day demonstrations.

We should be clear - it was the power and energy of workers organising in the "new unionism" of the late 19th century that led to the formation of the Labour Party in 1900. The power and energy of workers in struggle can put Labour into power in 2017.

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